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Matt Kechele Surfboards

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Progressive Double flyer swallow. Four Fin
good float and extra width and foam accelerates quick out of the gate. Concave bottom 3+4 convertible fin set up. Summer
beach break blaster or all down the line point surf.
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This is a Modern age revamp 1983 templates; refined with 2010 rail contour and other influences. Note the extra width and curve off the tail block is the magic in these boards. Likened to riding a skateboard on a wave, super fast, floaty, and loose. Curvey and edged out tail medium concave bottom. The Grinder with the extra floaty feel is another easy rider . Preferred lengths between 0 to-3 inches below riders height, depending on rider’s ability, intermediate level can enjoy the extra foam and ride at longer lengths.
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Diamond Cutter

Fast clean flowing lines. This board has a bit of old and new hybrid mixed in. Sometimes, it’s just all about just having fun, catching a lot of waves, and going faster than your mates! This“Gem” ridden smaller is a great air board too.We offer the 3+4 Fin convertible on all Diamonds. With a more progressive nose curve and thinned down rail thickness flow. This one lays out like this!
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Bat fangs off the corner give a little more bite! 3+4 fin convertible. Good Float. Wide curved center point. Concave bottom. The Bat tail goes back to 1983. They still work great!
Recommended as a Convertible 3+4 Fin set up.
Ridden 2-4 inches below riders height or above,
depending on riders ability! Super fast, skatey, and fun for summer beach breaks or point breaks!
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We're super stoked to have Matt Kechele doing all our custom shapes for High Tide!
If you'd like to order a custom board, Matt will work with you to get the best custom shape to fit your personal style and ability.